Extractor Hole Drilling or Core Drilling

Extractor Hole Drilling or Core Drilling in Kerry.


Through a block wall,  the easiest way to cut the 100mm diameter hole through a block wall.

Wall Drilling

  • Accurate, smooth holes with no dust(if required) or vibration.
  • Drilling a range of materials including masonry, reinforced concrete, granite, tiles.
  • Drilling holes for services ventilation of rooms or lofts. Extract holes for Wood Burning Stoves
  • Vertical, horizontal and angle Drilling
  • Hole diameters from 10mm to 925mm
  • Latest drilling technology use in Kerry.

Floor Cutting

  • Including cutting of expansion joints, cutting break-lines for trench excavation leaving minimum reinstatement required, sawing large opening in floor slabs etc.
  • Choice of Petrol/Diesel floor sawing machines for outdoor use
  • Electric floor-sawing machines
  • Precision sawing in virtually any situation